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EDraw Office Viewer Component

Hosting Office documents (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Visio documents) in a custom form or Web page.
Add Date: 2007-09-30Size: 1432 (KB) Rate: Price: $999.00   Download

Mainmedia Image Viewer ActiveX

Tiff, Bmp, Emf, Ico, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, Gif, Png,PGX, RAS, PNM, Wmf, WBMP, TGA and image viewer activex
Add Date: 2007-09-16Size: 2000 (KB) Rate: Price: $70   Download

Tiff Image Processing OCX

An image activex ocx to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. It has the ability to create and maintain multipage Tiff and Pdf image. It can read, convert, print and write images in a large variety of format.
Add Date: 2007-09-16Size: 10958 (KB) Rate: Price: $89.90   Download

BotVerify for ASP

ASP.NET Web Control that allows you to prevent automated registrations on your web site - (known as CAPTCHA%u2122). Provide with over 10,000 variety of CAPTCHA output textures.
Add Date: 2007-05-13Size: 2259 (KB) Rate: Price: $49.00   Download

Print HTML ActiveX DLL

Print HTML in VB, Javascript and other programming language.
Add Date: 2007-05-06Size: 1149 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.99   Download

Many2PDF ActiveX

A versatile component for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET users to enable conversion of HTML, RTF, Text and image (BMP, JPEG, EMF, WMF) documents to PDF.
Add Date: 2007-03-03Size: 3534 (KB) Rate: Price: $199.00   Download


ActiveX control that collects data from the Windows Clipboard and makes the data available to your application.
Add Date: 2007-02-25Size: 678 (KB) Rate: Price: $75.00   Download


A versatile component set for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Borland Delphi 8 .NET and Borland Delphi 2005 to convert PDF documents to other popular formats.
Add Date: 2007-01-20Size: 1589 (KB) Rate: Price: $199.00   Download


Developers are able to add 'update over the web' functionality to your software with a single line of code.
Add Date: 2006-11-19Size: 1126 (KB) Rate: Price: $99.00   Download

Excel Viewer OCX

The software acts as an ActiveX document container for hosting Excel document in a custom form or Web page. Support Excel automation client and offer abundant sample codes.
Add Date: 2006-10-15Size: 1905 (KB) Rate: Price: $99.00   Download


Empower your self developed applications with the power of SMS. Remove all hassles of understanding a GSM modem and how to send SMS thru your application. Smartcell does it all for you.
Add Date: 2006-10-08Size: 742 (KB) Rate: Price: $40.00   Download

Formulator ActiveX Control

The component version of the powerful interactive mathematical expressions editor that uses visual editing and allows creating mathematical equations through simple point-and-click technique.
Add Date: 2006-10-01Size: 12887 (KB) Rate: Price: $100.00   Download

PowerPoint Viewer OCX

PowerPoint ActiveX enable you to create and interact PowerPoint document rapidly
Add Date: 2006-09-17Size: 1142 (KB) Rate: Price: $99.95   Download

Movie Media Player ActiveX

For Professional Windows Developers who need to provide video/audio playback function within their business application. Support RM, Mov, Divx, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, ASF, WAV, MP3, MID file playback. Audio Pitch and tempo adjustment.
Add Date: 2008-07-21Size: 2000 (KB) Rate: Price: $60.00   Download


ActiveX control to select and upload multiple files to a server as an HTTP post.
Add Date: 2006-08-20Size: 1000 (KB) Rate: Price: $60.00   Download


An ActiveX component which enables your application to display and interact with PDF files.
Add Date: 2006-08-08Size: 1566 (KB) Rate: Price: $299.95   Download

Manage Registry ActiveX Control

The producr is an ActiveX registry control that gives developers complete and easy access to the power of registry programming. Works with VC++ 6, MS VC++, NET, MS VB 6, MS VB .NET, Borland Delphi 7, Borland C++ Builder 6 included
Add Date: 2006-07-16Size: 1208 (KB) Rate: Price: $79.95   Download

Nevron 3DChart

A powerful charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts for client applications and web pages using COM or .NET technologies. 3DChart uses the OpenGL 3D graphics engine to create sophisticated 2D and 3D charts.
Add Date: 2006-07-02Size: 29023 (KB) Rate: Price: $689   Download

Virtual Serial Port Control

Creates virtual COM ports directly from your own programs and fully control them!
Add Date: 2006-06-25Size: 759 (KB) Rate: Price: $199.95   Download

Catchysoft Report Generator Pro

An ActiveX library lets you generate and print professional reports with ease.
Add Date: 2006-06-11Size: 428 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.00   Download

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