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BORGChat 0.9.8

BORGChat Download
File size:1872KB
Limitations:SCOVER :) *
Rating: [GET LINK]

Download BORGChat for Free Download BORGChat (Latest Version: 0.9.8)

BORGChat - The chat for lan that has everything

BORGChat Features

- + #Main chat.

- + Private chat

- + #Channels open and private

- + Message board

- + Private message

- User informations


- Send File with pause and bandwidth control

- Send Picture from Clipboard

- Beep user / group

- View computers and shares from your network

- Message on Messenger service/Winpopup program

- More than 200 ANIMATED SMILES and the possibility to add your own

- Buletin Board Code (Bold,Italic,Underline,Insert: IMG,QUOTE,URL,HR)

- Quick messages with key combinations Shift+F1...F12

- Commands /? /help /me /here /clear /nick etc

- 3 Chat modes Here/Busy/Away with customizable messages

- Ignore private messages/ all messages

- Add to block list (message filtration)

- Online Alerts

- Chat logs

- Transparent icons when chat is not in front/hidden

- Multilanguage support


[ BORGChat ScreenShot ]

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