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Take a picture of a document. Then you can send the document as a fax or email attachment directly from your mobile phone
Add Date: 2007-07-22Size: 200 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

cellity freeSMS

This software lets you send text messages from your mobile phone to other mobiles via GPRS data transfer. Besides the GPRS costs your provider will charge, its absolutely free.
Add Date: 2007-07-17Size: 29 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


More than E-mail, more than Instant Messaging. File Transfer Deluxe and the best from Hollywood. Always & everywhere, and soon even on your mobile phone.
Add Date: 2007-05-20Size: 49000 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

Easy Sync

Fill the gap in ActiveSync. Be able to sync, copy, move and backup any files and folders located anywhere between Windows Mobile device and computer.
Add Date: 2007-04-29Size: 724 (KB) Rate: Price: $19.95   Download


Effortlessly organize and record your thoughts and daily events. Blog and podcast too.
Add Date: 2007-03-18Size: 16550 (KB) Rate: Price: $34.95   Download

Collanos Workplace for Mac

Collanos team-enables computers. Free, secure P2P collaboration tool for teams.
Add Date: 2007-02-25Size: 34234 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


A complete IP telephony platform using which you can offer a variety of services.
Add Date: 2007-02-23Size: 6140 (KB) Rate: Price: $1500.00   Download


This is voice- video- text internet phone that allows place and receive calls for free. New VoIP solution invented in Gootec Web Phone allows calls from the Browser.
Add Date: 2007-08-12Size: 2096 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

AbRemote Pro

Provide very secure and extremely efficient remote desktop access and remote control capabilities. Access remote computer anywhere. Support for remote printing, sound redirection and clipboard mapping.
Add Date: 2007-02-17Size: 390 (KB) Rate: Price: $34.95   Download

MediaRing Talk

Stay connected with your friends and family - call, chat, conference & collaborate - all with an easy to use & intuitive interface.
Add Date: 2009-07-05Size: 602 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

Teen Minder

Monitor your childrens online time, the screen capture utility allows for complete playback, keylogging catches everything they type, don't just be safe, be sure.
Add Date: 2006-12-30Size: 3808 (KB) Rate: Price: $19.95   Download

Collanos Workplace Linux

Collanos team-enables computers. Collanos helps information-overloaded teams with software that enables easy access, updating and sharing of team knowledge via peer-to-peer synchronization, online and offline. Collanos Workplace base version is free.
Add Date: 2006-12-31Size: 47527 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

EaseMS Midlet

Start sending text messages from your phone for 6p to anywhere in the world with this easy to use application.
Add Date: 2006-12-24Size: 29 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

WebCam Monitor

The remote monitoring feature in WebCam Monitor is an ideal solution, as it gives you the ability to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world.
Add Date: 2006-11-05Size: 5048 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


Enable you to simulate a virtual webcam and make amazing video webcam effects
Add Date: 2009-04-16Size: 12160 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.95   Download


This is an audio and video communication program for Windows. You can communicate with your friends no matter how far he are, Record images up to 30 fps from USB and analog cameras,TV boards,capture cards etc. H264 and MP3 encode.
Add Date: 2006-10-22Size: 2004 (KB) Rate: Price: $24.95   Download


This unique software helps VoIP users to reduce unwanted noises during calls. Screaming kids? Keyboard-strokes? With SoliCall it will sound less disturbing than it really is.
Add Date: 2007-02-11Size: 1212 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server

SSL VPN software solution for Windows.It builds a Virtual Private Network on Internet in minutes.No client hardware or software needs to be installed.Users can access corporate Intranet from anywhere, anytime and securely.
Add Date: 2006-10-15Size: 2860 (KB) Rate: Price: $99.00   Download

CamTrack 2

CamTrack is a unique webcam software that enhances the way people video chat.
Add Date: 2006-09-10Size: 5186 (KB) Rate: Price: $14.95   Download

Desktop Forum Manager

Help you join and participate in an unlimited number of forums and message boards.
Add Date: 2006-09-03Size: 3136 (KB) Rate: Price: $37.00   Download

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