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Freebie Notes

An easy to use reminder for Windows. With Freebie Notes you can create notes displaying on your desktop. Your notes can be displayed immediately after creation or in the certain moments of time.
Add Date: 2008-02-10Size: 1618 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

Exstora Pro

Multi-functional note manager and personal organizer with thought through quick note editing and structuring system. Store notes, events, TODO's, Diary, etc. Gantt Diagram.
Add Date: 2008-06-15Size: 493 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.95   Download


Set your goals. Achieve them. Enjoy the time you've just saved.
Add Date: 2007-05-13Size: 3137 (KB) Rate: Price: $34.95   Download


Enter in contacts, print, customize fields, create custom labels using the Wizard and more with Addressinator! address book software
Add Date: 2007-04-22Size: 8616 (KB) Rate: Price: $39.95   Download


Use RightCardWare to create and read bar coded business cards with all features. RightCardReader is free and scans bar coded business cards, with RightCardSampler limited to 100 bytes bar coded onto your business card.
Add Date: 2007-04-22Size: 2498 (KB) Rate: Price: $24.99   Download


Organize all your passwords into categories, add notes and carry it on your USB stick.
Add Date: 2007-04-22Size: 299 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


Select contact information and with just a keystroke you can copy all data to your contact database in Microsoft Outlook.
Add Date: 2007-04-15Size: 5013 (KB) Rate: Price: $49.00   Download

VORG Express

The personal information manager designed for individual users provides an integrated solution for managing and organizing calendars, tasks, schedules, notes, contacts, documents of any type and other information.
Add Date: 2007-03-11Size: 45000 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

SnippetCenter Pro

The Portal to your Knowledge! Flexible Information Manager.
Add Date: 2007-03-11Size: 5456 (KB) Rate: Price: $59.95   Download

Almeza Time Organizer

An easy-to-use Smart Time Organizer. With its help you can easily plan and control your personal affairs as well as business projects.
Add Date: 2007-03-03Size: 1381 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.95   Download

Advanced Phonebook

Professional phone number database. Full support of alphabetical index, contact categories, sorting, reports.
Add Date: 2008-12-21Size: 6718 (KB) Rate: Price: $24.95   Download


Free JAVA software application for collecting and processing your thoughts following the GTD methodology. Manage your next actions within projects and subprojects.
Add Date: 2007-01-20Size: 12700 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

FollowUp Secretary

Automatically sechedule emails following sales meetings. You control the intervals and the email templates. Openings and closings are added.
Add Date: 2007-01-14Size: 728 (KB) Rate: Price: $59.95   Download


Organize your notes in Topics-Tree view.You can add clippings of text from web pages to your notes.
Add Date: 2006-12-24Size: 1044 (KB) Rate: Price: $25.95   Download


Professional Address Book & Organizer. Store your contacts, anniversaries, photos, tasks, notes, etc.
Add Date: 2010-04-21Size: 10267 (KB) Rate: Price: $49.00   Download

Spartan Multi Clipboard

The Spartan multi clipboard sets a new standard in multi clipboard software.
Add Date: 2006-11-26Size: 2002 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.99   Download

Handy Stickers

Save-time tool. It stores any of your notes as handy desktop stickers.
Add Date: 2006-11-19Size: 697 (KB) Rate: Price: $14.95   Download


Lightweight and powerful reminder system with simple calendar. To create new reminders just type in the parsing console something like this: "Call Katrin in 15 min"
Add Date: 2006-11-19Size: 930 (KB) Rate: Price: $12.59   Download

Thinc Time

Thinc-Time was created by Thinc Technology to facilitate collaboration amongst people who want joint access to diaries for planning and scheduling purposes.
Add Date: 2006-11-05Size: 35784 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


A virtual assistant that lets busy professionals manage to-do's and notes, break them into actionable steps, coordinate them with their teams, and focus on doing what's important.
Add Date: 2006-10-29Size: 10240 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

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