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IDpack Plus

IDpack Plus designs and produce photo ID cards, badges, nametags and more!

Add Date: 2004-12-19Size: 23221 (KB) Rate: Price: $299.00   Download


Print from DOS-Linux to Windows printers: USB, GDI, PDF, e-mail, network, fax, virtual. Capture from LPT1: to LPT9: and redirect jobs even if no LPT ports are physically installed

Add Date: 2010-04-21Size: 1397 (KB) Rate: Price: $52.00   Download

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Print Layout Designer

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is professional in designing and dynamic publishing label, business card, bar code, check, ticket, coupon, interface, cover, schematic diagram, customer sticker, CD label, Paper package and customized invitation.
Add Date: 2010-05-25Size: 4916 (KB) Rate: Price: $69.00   Download


Create PDF document truly free without needing Adobe Acrobat or GhostScript.
Add Date: 2010-03-19Size: 1737 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

PretonSaver Home

Toner and Ink Saver software, optimizes your printer toner and ink consumption and can saver over $100 per and more than double the yield for each cartridge.
Add Date: 2010-05-25Size: 11771 (KB) Rate: Price: $19.95   Download

Cobra Print Viewer

A simple to use tool easily allows you to see at a glance what print jobs are queued, perform actions on those jobs such as viewing full screen, pause/resume the job, rename the job on the printer queue, cancel the job and even save to an image file
Add Date: 2010-03-19Size: 1133 (KB) Rate: Price: $8.00   Download

RonyaSoft PDF Printer

Make quality PDF documents virtually from any Windows application.
Add Date: 2009-07-05Size: 1729 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


Translate, debug and disassemble today's complex PCL print streams. PCLCodes can extract download bitmap fonts from a PCL file and it can show a ASCII character representation of raster data.
Add Date: 2009-02-08Size: 16895 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.00   Download


View, Convert and Debug today's PCL. Quickly and easily convert PCL into very small JBIG2 compressed raster or vector/text PDF as well as PCL to TIFF, PNG, XPS, BMP, WMF and EMF formats.
Add Date: 2009-02-08Size: 12323 (KB) Rate: Price: $89.00   Download


Views & Converts PCL & Text into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PCX and Text. Once viewed, a PCL or Text file can be printed to any Windows printer driver.
Add Date: 2009-02-08Size: 8294 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

MagicPDF Pro

Convert your graphics and electronic documents to PDF with professional quality.
Add Date: 2008-01-27Size: 1285 (KB) Rate: Price: $49.95   Download


This print management system enables the control, quota allocation, and restriction of printing and printer usage. Provides centralized administration over all printing resources, printers, paper, and toner.
Add Date: 2008-11-03Size: 2050 (KB) Rate: Price: $59.95   Download

Joy Image Printer

A high-performance virtual printer which enables you to convert any printable document into standard BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF image, and keep the exact look and feel of the original document.
Add Date: 2007-08-19Size: 1677 (KB) Rate: Price: $34.95   Download

SilverFast PrinTao

The professional printing function of SilverFasts product family is now available as a stand-alone version. Any printer can be used with this program to print images directly from folders or to create individual layouts.
Add Date: 2008-09-14Size: 9390 (KB) Rate: Price: $49.00   Download

Vista PDF Creator

Allow any Windows application to write a document as a PDF Document by printing.
Add Date: 2008-11-03Size: 812 (KB) Rate: Price: $69.00   Download

Internet Security Logger

Save all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic on the hard drive in order to measure the security risks.
Add Date: 2007-03-03Size: 239 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

Fast Printer Chooser

The program can be used to quickly and conveniently switch the active printer using a tray popup menu.
Add Date: 2007-02-11Size: 745 (KB) Rate: Price: $19   Download

WatchDog Print Monitor

Bred to retrieve and review printer usage, charge printing costs back to clients or users, and capture the printing of sensitive information.
Add Date: 2007-01-19Size: 11000 (KB) Rate: Price: $99.00   Download

Whiz FTP

If you regularly upload or download files and directories between your computer and a FTP server then Whiz FTP is for you.
Add Date: 2006-12-10Size: 268 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


A software tool for print devices management.
Add Date: 2006-09-24Size: 2616 (KB) Rate: Price: $119.00   Download

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