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Rich set of tools to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation operations.
Add Date: 2004-06-27Size: 4181 (KB) Rate: Price: $189   Download


Create Windows Installer MSI Setups with Easy MSIcode Scripting
Add Date: 2006-07-09Size: 10090 (KB) Rate: Price: $349   Download

Advanced Installer Pro

Windows Installer authoring tool which enables developers and system administrators to easily build reliable MSI packages.
Add Date: 2007-06-03Size: 7906 (KB) Rate: Price: $299.00   Download

ASN.1 Decoder

The ASN.1 decoder transforms ASN.1 BER coded hex strings into an XML structure and shows it in a comfortable tree view.
Add Date: 2004-06-20Size: 6700 (KB) Rate: Price: $20   Download

Maguma Workbench

Maguma Workbench is a cross-platform source-level editor, known as an Intergrated Development Enviroment (PHP IDE).
Add Date: 2005-01-30Size: 15000 (KB) Rate: Price: $102   Download


VB and VB to C# Converter Free DownLoad
Add Date: 2004-07-18Size: 1629 (KB) Rate: Price: $149   Download

EngInSite Perl Editor Lite

EngInSite Perl Editor is an IDE for creating Perl scripts. Say NO to the Notepad
Add Date: 2004-05-23Size: 3212 (KB) Rate: Price: $0   Download


Unicode text and HTML editor with syntax coloring and FTP client.
Add Date: 2007-05-13Size: 1029 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download


PlusPAD is an advanced PAD file generator, editor and validator.
Add Date: 2004-07-05Size: 551 (KB) Rate: Price: $0   Download

VB.Net to C# Converter

Visual Basic.Net to C# Converter with Over 99% Accuracy
Add Date: 2007-04-15Size: 2000 (KB) Rate: Price: $169.00   Download

MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform

Customizable ecommerce shopping cart software with 40+ modules for e-business
Add Date: 2004-05-01Size: 5069 (KB) Rate: Price: $69.99   Download

BB TestAssistant

Screen recorder and software testing aid. Creates bug report movies.
Add Date: 2005-03-06Size: 4372 (KB) Rate: Price: $199.00   Download

TAS Professional

TAS Professional is an easy to use Programming IDE/Compiler
Add Date: 2004-05-02Size: 4298 (KB) Rate: Price: $49   Download


Small Text File Viewer with Color and Font options. Can decode Hex encoded Html and Script text.
Add Date: 2008-03-02Size: 67 (KB) Rate: Price: $0.00   Download

Web Developers Edition

Web+ is a powerful web application server and development language, similar to Cold Fusion.
Add Date: 2004-05-02Size: 4365 (KB) Rate: Price: $99   Download


SimplexParser, Editor and VBScript Engine.
Add Date: 2004-07-05Size: 4974 (KB) Rate: Price: $0   Download

Windows Frontend for Decoder Suite

Windows Frontend for the generic EDB Decoder Suite Platform
Add Date: 2004-04-10Size: 6000 (KB) Rate: Price: $0   Download

TurboVB Mini Apps

TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of four tools handy for programming
Add Date: 2004-02-08Size: 271 (KB) Rate: Price: $29.00   Download

Lingobit Localizer

Software localization for MFC, Delphi, .NET with many productivity tools
Add Date: 2006-11-26Size: 12897 (KB) Rate: Price: $895.00   Download

Nevron Chart for Windows Forms

Add presentation quality 2D and 3D charts to your applications.
Add Date: 2004-07-05Size: 7530 (KB) Rate: Price: $489   Download

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