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A Few Favorite Programs

There are many programs to write to CDs but - as far as I know - only this one will let you use file names up to 212 characters (most only allow 60+). These are the options...
I make mostly data discs, burning my MP3s to archive them. The ability to use long file names is a real asset to me, especially for classical music.

CDExtreme is really a Prassi program but it is packaged by various companies under several different names. "CDExtreme" is the name Sony uses, RecordNow is used by HP and others.

Besides allowing long file names, the program is easy to use both with and without the "wizard". It has always performed without problems for me both when writing data and audio discs. Compared to Nero (around 18 MB installed) and Adaptec/Roxio Easy CD creator (around 50 MB installed), this one is tiny...about 6MB.

If you'd like to get CDExtreme, get the main program, then get the update dated 30 November 2001. Finally, get the engine update. Just install the program, then the updates on top of it. You don't have to use the updates as the program works just fine without them. The updates just provide more supported drives and - perhaps - some increased functionality.

If you'd prefer RecordNow Max, you can get it here for HP drives. If you poke around at HP, you can find a link for non-HP drives. It doesn't include InCD which is the packet writing module analogous to Adaptec's Direct CD. If you want that, you can get it here for non-HP drives.

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