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Context menus are those things that pop up when you right click something. Many applications add entries there when they are installed and after a while you can wind up with quite a string of them. The apps often have someplace to turn off the context menu entry but many do not. This program will let you get rid of them either by deleting or disabling. It has an thorough and informative help file so be sure to read it.

You can do much but not all of what Context Menu Editor (alternate URL) does via Start > Settings > File types but using this is generally easier. It looks like this...

Context Menu Editor

To use it, you scroll down the left side to find the shell command associated with the menu entry and do as you will...unticking the box merely disables it (in case you want to re-instate it in the future), deleting...well, dumps it forever. The window for "Context menu handlers" shows you the program or library that handles the context menu for that file type. You can disable them but not delete. You wouldn't want to anyway as they do other things. Like make the program work.

Note that in the file type list there are entries for "Folder" and "File Folder".
The program's help file explains them thusly:

Folder: Represents both physical folders on disk and logical "folder-like objects"
such as "My Computer", "Network Neighborhood", etc.

File Folder: Applies exclusively to physical folders on disk.

Between this program and Fast Explorer you should pretty much be able to whip your context menus into shape...make those suckers useful like they are supposed to be!

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