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Recording Vinyl or Tape to MP3

Version 1.0
December, 2002
This was originally written in 1990 as an email to a news group poster in order to help him. Having written it, I decided it might be useful to others and Frisky (aka "Critter") was kind enough to stick it on her web page. Some of the links may have changed, can't help it. I also have started using other programs, discarding some that are mentioned. That doesn't necessarily mean that the new ones are better than the discarded ones, just that they suit my particular needs better. That plus the fact that I like to collect software. :)

I got this neat Help Maker(*)program - again, thanks to Frisky - and it was so much fun I decided to add a few other things that might be of some use to someone. Hope you don't mind...

I have no idea whether I'll ever augment or update this but I put a version number and date just in case.
If you are really new to digital music, read this and this before continuing.
* The hlp version of dadiOH's dandies

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