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A Few Favorite Programs

Hot Key Plus is a nifty little program that sits down in the system tray. It lets you easily make keyboard shortcuts for just about anything you can imagine. You can...
  • Start any program on your computer. You could probably also open several programs at once via a batch file.
  • Use it to go to a particular web page. I have a keyboard shortcut to Google, for example.
  • Shut down or reboot the computer.
  • Open Windows Explorer at a particular folder.
  • Pretty much anything else you can imagine.

It uses virtually no CPU time and little RAM. It is free and there is no bunch of registry entries. It hasdefinitely become a must have program for me.

I have tried to standardize the useage of the modifier keys - makes them easier to remember - but that isn't always possible because of existing system keyboard shortcuts.
  • Alt + for apps (or shortcuts to them)
  • Win + for opening Explorer at a particular folder
  • Shift + Ctrl + for web pages
I reserve Ctrl + for a Winamp plug-in to control Winamp.

Here is where you make a new hot key...

To make a hot key, all you need do is click on the Hot Key window, then press whatever key you want on the keyboard. Next, select one or more of the modifiers, then click in the Command Line window and type in the path; alternatively, browse to the program exe, url, shortcut, whatever and select it. OK your way out and you are finished. You can even make keyboard shortcuts to reboot or shut down your computer. See here.

About the only thing you need to watch out for is to not duplicate key board shortcuts used by Windows. For example, you could not use Winkey + F for a shortcut because that is used by Windows for "Find".

Put a shortcut to it in
so it will run whenever you boot the computer.

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