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A Few Favorite Programs

Windows gives us a basic text editor...Notepad. I never much liked it because it was limited in the size of the documents it could open and - especially - it had a really ugly type face. Consequently, I almost never used it, used Wordpad instead. Then I came across Metapad and haven't used either since. Well...sometimes I use Wordpad.

Pure and simple, Metapad is meant to replace Notepad. And there is no reason not to....Metapad is only about 30KB larger and for that you get a program that...
  • has no size limitation on documents
  • let's you switch back and forth between two fonts of your choice
  • has a decent "search and replace"
  • handles hyperlinks
Lots more too but that last one was the kicker for me. Whenever I download a file, I save a small text file in it that can be read by WhereIsIt and I want a hyperlink on that file so I can click it and go...not have to copy and paste it into the address bar.

You can get Metapad here.

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