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A Few Favorite Programs

You may have noticed in some of the screen shots that my folders have special icons. I changed the standard boring buff folders to aqua and made the "open folder" red. Additionally, some of my special folders have special icons. I did this so that I could spot them quickly. All were changed with a program named MicroAngelo. It will let you change all folders system wide or any individual folder. It will let you browse your hard drive for icons, extract them and create and manage icon libraries. You can also make your own icons or edit existing ones.

Icon libraries are handy because they save space, sorta like zipping files. Icons themselves are not very big...couple of KB...but each one uses a minimum of one allocation unit of disc space. The allocation unit will vary with your system but on mine it is 32768 bytes (gotta change that). That means that any time I save a file - even if it is just one byte - 32768 bytes of disk space is used!! By keeping icons in a library I can save oodles of storage bytes.

MicroAngelo isn't a freebie but it is lots of fun.

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