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A Few Favorite Programs

Tag Editors
Both of these will handle either version 1 or 2 tags. Both will...
Rename files based on tag information
Write tags based on file name information
...and more.

Tag&Rename...not free but one of the best and good.

QuickEditor...only does version 1 tags but that's all I use anyway. I have it set up so that it is the default extension for MP3...if I click on one, QuickEditor opens and I can make any correction I want to on the tag. It's my "down and dirty" tag editor.

Editors, MP3
MP3 Trim...Trims and adjusts volume. A must have!
MP3 Gain...Adjusts volume. Excellent program
MP3 Direct Cut...edits without decoding to wave
MP3 Merge...hooks different MP3s together into one track. No install.
MP3 Trackmaker...splits into segments or tracks. Works great with Winamp v2.x to queue the cuts making the job easy and quick.
MP3 Cutter...splits into segments or tracks. Versatile

Editors, wave
CDWave...without a doubt the best program to split waves into tracks
GoldWave...does not keep ID3 tags when writing wave back to MP3, excellent otherwise. but good. No install, one registry entry.

Cleaners (more here and here)
Use these to remove tape hiss or pops. Most wave editors will do it too.
Wave Repair...very good, very non-destructive. You can make tiny, discreet adjustments. Has pre-sets too. favorite for cleaning recordings from vinyl.
Groove great
WAV Clean...easy to use & does a good job.

CDex...first rate multi-function program. Uses LAME.dll encoder
RazorLame...frontend for LAME.exe which is faster than the dll
Fastenc...Fraunhofer encoder. Easiest used with a frontend. Caution: if transcoding (MP3 > MP3) make sure the source and destination directories are different or you'll lose both old and new files. Read the "readme" for switch info.
MP3 to Wave Converter...installs a context menu entry, easy to use, uses LAME
dbPower Converter...converts just about anything to anything via the context menu, lame encoder. A very handy program.

Record Line-in and/or Rip CDs
Audiograbber...a versatile and popular ripper.
dbPower Converter
CDex...not many things it won't do.
LP Recorder...will set the line-in volume to the maximum possible without clipping.
Total Recorder...will record anything you can play via the computer either to wave or MP3. Well worth the modest $11.95 price.

File Renamers
These aren't necessarily MP3 related but that's what I use them on mostly so I put them here. Tag editors can do some of the things these do but only on MP3 files. Besides letting you work on any file type, these will add a prefix or suffix, number sequentially, trim or replace characters from any place in the file name, change case, substitute strings and more. I use all three because each has functions the others don't. There may well be just one program that does everything but I'm used to these.
CK Rename
Flash Renamer
Magic Renamer

NCH Tone Generator...The maximum frequency possible in MP3s is 22,050 Hz (44,100 Hz / 2). Many encoders cut off the higher frequencies. Is that important? It depends upon whether or not you can hear them in the first place. As we age, we lose ability to hear higher frequencies. You can use this program to generate a tone at different frequencies to determine exactly what you can hear. You might be surprised...I was - at 69 the best I can do is about 13,000 Hz.
MP3 Test...handy program for checking MP3's for errors. Won't fix them but at least you know there is something wrong with them - which doesn't mean they won't play perfectly well. The page is in German, link near the bottom. lots of info about MP3 files including a guess as to which encoder was used and a subjective opinion about their "quality".
MP3 Lister...very configurable program to make text, html, CSV (or any other delimiter) lists of MP3s on CDs or the hard drive. No help with it so you'll need to click around a bit to explore the many options.
Burn to the Brim...great for archiving MP3s to data CDs. Set it up, point it at the source and it will set things up so that the CDs will be brim full. Doesn't actually burn, you still need your favorite program for that. exceedingly efficient and easy to use program for downloading MP3s from binary groups. If it weren't for this marvel, I would have probably quit downloading after the demise of AudioGalaxy. I don't know if that is good or bad...
PowerPost...if you are going to download from binary groups, you should post too. Only fair, right? PowerPost makes it easy. There is also a modified version for posting yEnc files (don't have the URL but you might start looking here if you want it). For an explanation of yEnc, see here; for tools, check here. This site will give you an explanation of binary groups and how to down load and up load. There is lots of general information on MP3s too, not to mention excellent links.

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