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A Few Favorite Programs

I debated with myself about including these "other" programs. I mean, there are so many that could be included and most are pretty well known anyway. Still, a few are sort of off the beaten path so decided to toss in a handful...perhaps you'll find something useful.

Total Uninstall ...use it to monitor installs of programs. It makes a file of all changes made to your system and if you wish to un-install something will do so using that file...reverses the changes. There are other programs that do similar things, none I have tried do it as well. I no longer install anything without using Total Uninstall. It is free.

Disk Investigator accesses your hard drive at the elemental level - sector by sector. Sort of reminds me of Superzap from the old days. You can view in Windows mode too. Also will recover deleted files.

GetDataBack recovers data from deleted files and formatted disks. It doesn't just "undelete" in the directory, it scans the entire HD (or designated portion) sector by sector, pulling together bits and pieces.

jv16PowerTools provides info and control on various system things...registry, installed programs, starting programs, registry entries made by programs. Cleans too.

ProPort gives lots of info. From the site: "...major features include: unlimited port monitoring, auto connection kill, process manager, autostart method spy, autostart file editing, and file scanning."

Aida32 tells you just about everything there is to know about your system. Everything! Hardware details, software...

CrazyBrowser is an Internet Explorer add-on that gives you tabbed browser pages. Much handier than a flock of windows all over everywhere. Other goodies too like saving several pages and opening them as a group, pop up killer, etc...

Jot+ lets you organize notes into a hierarchal tree structure. Handy for storing snippets of information gleaned from here and there.

TreeCopy will duplicate a directory tree. Just the tree, no files. Why would you want to do such a thing? I have no idea why you would but I'll tell you why I looked high and low for such a program...

I wanted to make what I think of as a "re-install template". I wanted to duplicate the directories in my installed "Programs" directory tree so that I could put the install file for each program in its proper places in the template. I keep it syncronized with the Program Files directory and archive it from time to time.

When and if I have to reformat, I can save things like the Start > Programs folder which has all the shortcuts to installed programs - shortcuts which I have organized in a catagorical way. I also have a number of special toolbars...I'll save those too. After I format, I can copy them back to where they were before formatting and copy my template back to C:\Programs. True, the programs will still have to be installed but at least they'll be at hand and my laboriously crafted shortcuts (many with special icons) won't have to be redone - they'll still be pointing to the correct place.

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