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Recording Vinyl or Tape to MP3

First of all, I am no expert on this stuff. What little I know I learned empirically and by reading various news groups and web sites. The way I do it may not be the "best" way but it works.

I've listed below the steps involved, vinyl/cassette to MP3. It is just to give you a quick idea of what is involved, I'll discuss each in more detail. As you can see, there are several steps. None are difficult but they are time consuming. At best, you will spend 3 hours to get 1 hour of music and you can easily double or treble that ratio depending upon the condition of your vinyl and how picky you are.

Further along, I'll tell you about software I use and point you to the sources.
The Steps
  • Record both sides to a wave file
  • Remove deficiencies from the file
  • Split into individual tracks
  • Encode to MP3
  • "Normalize" (?)
  • Write ID3 tags

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