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Recording Vinyl or Tape to MP3

Most of the wave editing programs can do this; in fact, most of them can do the recording too. My preference for splitting is CDWave Editor as it is without a doubt the easiest I have found.

After splitting, you may rename the split portions as you wish and that is easily done with this program. You will want to discard those portions of the file that you chopped off (silence at beginning and end) ...simply "untick" those parts when you save. Let's look at a screen shot...

CDWave Editor

CDWave Editor
The top window shows the entire wave. Normally, it is all one color but I have marked some splits and those show as different colors...let's you find them easily. The colors are configurable.

Below that window is a narrow one with a small, bright green box. That box corresponds to the bottom window which is an enlargement of the wave area represented by the box. The cursor marking the current play position is just above the box.

The bottom window shows the start and duration of the splits. Simply untick any that you don't want to save (such as silence between tracks). You can rename the files here too.

To use the program, just start playing the wave. When you reach a spot where you want a split, push the "Split" button. I usually press "Pause" first so I can fine tune the position. Usually, the places where it should be split are easy to spot visually and it is faster to just move the cursor near them before you start to play.

Once you have made all your splits, untick the throw-away areas, rename the others and save the lot. What could be easier? Great program!

It will autosplit and record as well. I haven't used it to record because I prefer LPRecorder with its ability to automatically adjust the volume. I haven't used the automatic splitting because it is so easy to do it manually and I figure that doing it that way will be more precise.

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