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You know how when you have a program open and you want to load or save a file the program defaults to some directory in which you have no interest and you then have to browse through the maze of directories to find the one you want? Well that is fixable. To a degree. You can assign a default directory for the program to use. Many - but not all - will do as you ask.

What you need to do is put the path to the directory you want to used as the default into the "Start in" window of a shortcut used to start the program. It should look like this...
It is a good idea to put quotes at start and end in case some name in the path isn't DOS name compliant. Be sure to click "apply". In this example, I have setup the shortcut to start the program named Metapad and to have Metapad use the desktop as the default directory for loading and saving files. And - bless its heart - that's exactly what it does.

You can see that there is also a data window for "shortcut key"...presumably, so you can make a keyboard shortcut to start the program. If you try to enter something in that window, it will give you Ctrl + Alt + <pressed key>.

However, after you click apply nothing happens when you press that combination. I don't really care since I have Hot Key Plus but if you know how to get it to work I'd like to know. Click "Help" in the title bar, then "About..." for an email link.

If you want to make a keyboard shortcut with Hot Key Plus to do the same thing as above, just put the path in its "Working Directory" window. Keep in mind that not all programs will use the default directory information fed to them in these ways. They should but they don't. C'est la vie...

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