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A Few Favorite Programs

WhereIsIt has got to be one of the very best programs I have ever encountered.

It's a database manager...not one where you define fields and manually enter records but one that reads your hard drive or data CD discs to pull together information. I use it to keep a record of all my software. The thing that makes it so good is that it is highly can organize things to your hearts content.

For example, you can define "categories", giving them whatever name you wish. Each category can have child categories which can have child categories, etc. The categories can have a particular color associated with can sort by categories...
Notice the pop-up about "VisualZone"? Great feature!! When WhereIsIt read the disc that contained the zip file for that program, it read names of all files in that zip and associated them with it. If I expanded the directory tree, all the files would be listed in the left hand pane. If I then selected one of those zip files, the right hand pane would show all the files it contained. One of those files was a text file...exactly what you see in the pop-up. I always include such a text file in the zip so I have some info about it. Because I name the text file "file_id.diz", WhereIsIt picks up the text and uses it for the pop-up. It does so because there is a plug-in for that file name and I have enabled it. There are numerous plug-ins included.

One of the potential plug-ins is for MP3. If you enable it, WhereIsIt will use the tag info as the pop-up so one could use this program for an MP3 database. I'd still recommend MP3Stock though, as it was designed especially for MP3s. WhereIsIt will also handle audio CDs, importing track information from CDDB.

Here's another screen shot, this time with the files on the right grouped by a category. Makes it duck soup to find any program I have in a particular category. Remember that you determine the category names and the structure...

I really can't say enough good things about this program. I use it in a rather limited manner - maybe 20% of its potential - and it does everything I want. It isn't free but is worth the price of $39.95.

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