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orangeClip 2005 1.39

orangeClip Download
File size:922KB
Limitations:, .bas, .cs, .java, .js...
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Download orangeClip for Free Download orangeClip (Latest Version: 2005 1.39)

orangeClip - orangeClip 2005 is an advanced clipbord manager

orangeClip 2005 is an advanced clipbord manager, it stores images-, text- and html-copies in a list and note from where you copied it.

it also show a small preview of the selected clip in the list.

simple doubleclick on an item in the list paste the stored clip in the last application you worked.

if you copy a file, e.g. a image file, powerClip automatic convert it to an image which you can simply paste in any application you want. (works with html and text files also)

download now and try powerClip 2005 7 days for free

orangeClip 2005 supports following features :

>smartbar always on top -> transparent if not in use

>no need for space on desktop (because it's as big as the title bar of any running app.)

>preview support for images, html and text

>supports following file types:

.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg, .bmp, .rle, .dib, .png, .ico, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .shtml, .html, .htm, .dhtm, .php, .txt, .log, .ifo, .inf, .ini, xml, .bas, .cs, .java, .js...

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