Best Free Audio Editing Software

As ordinary computer users, we rarely need to edit audio files (usually in mp3 format), so those products that are often seen in movies with the "waveform" interface usually have little to do with us. But sometimes we do need to make a little modification to an audio file at hand, such as trying to capture a little bit of the sound, or need to boost the volume, and then you will find that a free and easy-to-use audio processing software is not so easy to find.

For a long time in the past, I have been using a free version of a product with limited functions. I don't want to mention its name. After all, it still relies on the prompt box that keeps popping up to attract users to buy the "Pro version". Actually, I didn't mind the annoying prompt box, mainly because the product didn't seem so reliable, until one day, I saw again the real free and easy-to-use product Audacity that I want to recommend to you today.

I knew about the existence of this product for many years, but there was no need for similar audio editing at that time, so when I saw its name again, I was sure that it was a good product for free and professional. Continue Reading...

OBS Studio - An Amazing Free Video Software

Many years ago, when I needed to record my screen, I always had to choose between paid commercial software or free product, in fact I preferred free product because recording screen is not essential to do every day, only occasionally, but the problem with the free product is that product crashes at the end of recording. And the good part is that it saves the recorded video in the working directory before it crashes, which makes the otherwise regular job thrilling and unprofessional.

Fortunately, in recent years (actually ten years ago) a product called OBS Studio (the full name is Open Broadcaster Software Studio) turned out, which is an amazing free software, because it solves almost all the functions related to video recording. All of the features, and indeed a few less relevant ones, include screen recording, and the virtual camera.

OBS Studio is a feature-rich software, which makes it not so easy to get started with at first. Once familiar with it, you will admire the author of the software to make these features so logically.

Let's directly demonstrate the use steps through specific operations. Continue Reading...